Yoga and Recovery
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 "Yoga and the Twelve Step Path"

Find it in bookstores or online.  View the interviews on You Tube which explain how this book came to be.  You can access them here.

Read a review by OMEXCHANGE, the UK Magazine and Blog just released June 2014.

This book describes how the 8 limb path of yoga can enhance and even inspire your recovery journey.  No matter what the source of your suffering or addiction, no matter whether it is you directly or the course of someone you love, this book can bring clarity to your own self awakening and give you tools for introspection and growth.  

"I have received a copy of your book and wanted to congratulate you; it is a great book - insightful and inspiring. Blessings on your sharing, teaching, and further writing."
Deborah Adele- author of "The Yamas and Niyamas" and one of my favorite writers and philosophers

Ayurveda and Yoga From Europe
Pedro Arce has been an ardent student of yoga, studying in India to get the most authentic teachings of Ayurveda and Yoga he could find.  He has now fulfilled a lifelong dream of opening his own studio in my favorite European city: Madrid. With online tools it is easy to get a translation of his website: it is also beautiful in Spanish.  Check it out!


A Ten Minute Breath Practice: 
A guided breath practice to soothe and calm you.    

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Listen to this: recorded guided psychic sleep recording and experience the relaxation of a half-hour Yoga Nidra

The  SOAR™  Training  Manual

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Interviews with Gabriel Antolovich on 
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Endorsements for

"Yoga and the 12 Step Path"

What readers have said to me:

" [S] gave me your beautiful book. It's going to save lives. You are a beautiful soul for taking the project all the way through to completion, a leader, a founding mother, my good yogi."  D.C. in San Jose CA

"I've had a hard few days  (and) cried all night last night, thought 'just drink yourself into oblivion, that'll get rid of the way I'm feeling...but I didn't and I've got up this morning, the sun is shinning and I'm reading your story, pg 5. Your honesty about your life in your book is a life saver..."  A in the UK

"We realize we know only a little. God will constantly disclose more to you and to us."

"YAT12S is a great read for those who are on the path and are exploring the tools that are available in allied traditions and technologies. I found this book to be of immense value for the parallels the author has found between the modern and ancient traditions that may seem on the surface to have absolutely nothing to do with each other. However, with a little bit of looking, the similarities are striking and mutually complementary and the author clearly points this out in her text. Additionally, the exercises are awesome for keeping the grounded-ness necessary to live one day at a time and keep one's self in the body and unperturbed by the mind and "stinkin' thinkin' ". LC- CA

There is the added benefit, that yogis may find tools. too, that the 12 steps offer to round out what they have learned having never been to a AA, GA, or NA meeting. Bill W and Dr. Bob found sutras for the modern age (modern sage?)." V Portland OR

 "I found this book valuable for any serious student of yoga, whether in recovery or not. Maybe everyone is in recovery from our crazy Western lifestyles!  Her explanations of the yamas and niyamas were clear and compelling, using examples from the experiences of those in recovery. She also provides a sample hatha yoga practice that is easy to follow.

I liked that she mentions that recovery programs need to integrate some form of physical exercise in addition to the psychological therapies, after the devastation of addiction which can harm the physical health as well. Yoga can be ideal for body,mind and spirit integration.

I would recommend this book to yoga teachers as well. Great information for them to learn when they have students who are in recovery."  N.G. San Jose, CA

 "I have gotten so much out of your book and classes."  M.K. in San Jose CA

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Kyczy's newest book; a writing about Santosha - the Niyama of Contentment. How do we find it?  How do we reclaim it when we loose it?  What can we do to nurture it?  Read this book for your own self care - or use the material to create your own workshop or class series.  Please leave a comment or review.  Thank you.
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Marta Mrotek has written a wonderful book weaving her journey to wellness with yoga.  "Miracle In Progress" encourages the reader to investigate similarities between their recovery journey and faith path. Mrotek integrates every resource available for truly holistic recovery.
Go to AMAZON and add it to your shelf.

Jamie Marich Ph.D has just released her new book "Trauma Made Simple".  This complex subject is deconstructed, to be better understood by professionals and lay people alike.
 "Trauma Made Simple addresses a variety of issues that are imperative to trauma competency in clinical work, including how to handle grief and mourning, assessing for and addressing addiction (even if you are not an addiction counselor) and how to manage professional development issues, including self-care."  AMAZON has them now!

Chris Grosso's book has just hit the stands.  He is an amazing person who tells it like it is. "Set amongst the backdrop of Grosso’s original music (includ­ed for download via QR codes in the text), Indie Spiritualist encourages you to accept yourself just as you are, in all your humanity and imperfect perfection."

Healing Yoga for Wellness - a DVD

by Lorein Neargarder
Healing Yoga for Wellness, available online at and, and in stores at Breathe Los Gatos, Pacific Healing Arts, Cancer CAREpoint resource center and Kaiser Mind-Body-Wellness center.

Contraindications Index - Yoga Asana

This is a wonderful e-book to have with you at all times.  Very useful for yoga teachers who need to have a quick, clear and complete reference at hand for student questions or when they have limitations.  It is also a wonderful resource for students and their studies.  Read more about Victoria E. McColm and her work - as well as order the book go to her website.
Expand your library and keep yoga safe for all.

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