Yoga and Recovery
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What I bring to the mat

Welcome. I’m Kyczy Hawk and I’d like to share with you how you can transform your yoga teacher calling by working with people in recovery.

Why is yoga so powerful for those in recovery?

Yoga works so well because it is a holistic answer to the diseases of body, mind, and spirit.

Whatever people’s addiction, their deep internal craving needs a holistic set of remedies: ways to heal emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Yoga means "union" - union of body, mind and spirit. The practice of yoga helps people in recovery reintegrate their bodies, calm the mind and move closer to their true selves in harmony with their higher power.

Having taught over 1500 yoga classes to people in recovery, I have experienced first-hand the incredible power of yoga to transform their lives.

Yoga Recovery is also offering its classes online, streaming via StudioLiveTV. 
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For a deeper insight, please read an interview of my work in the Huffington Post that came out in February 2013.

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Darren Main, a yogi in San Francisco, interviewed me for his podcast Inquire Within. Click below to listen to the podcast

My article is featured in the Fall 2013 issue of Yoga Teacher magazine!
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I witnessed the power of yoga and recovery first-hand

As a woman in recovery, I know something about the ravages of addiction.

I learned about the power of yoga in relapse prevention when I started the practice in my seventeenth year of sobriety.

I started with my own experience of quiet breathing, physical challenge and found enhancement of my spiritual condition.

I progressed in my ability to discern healthy relaxation/tension release from a feeling of boredom or being tired.

I witnessed, in my mind, body and soul the effectiveness of yoga in preventing relapse, and its incredible ability to give me the strength I needed to continue my recovery. It was this direct experience that gave me the resolve to focus my life and my love of yoga to helping those who are going through what I went through and becoming a yoga teacher…

My life as a teacher

As a yoga teacher I have amazing students; students who come for physical challenge and investigation… students who come for healing… students who come to learn about the tools that yoga offers them and their wellness path… students who have come to enhance their recovery from addiction and to avoid relapse.

I have been a yoga teacher for several years and my primary focus as a teacher is on classes designed for people recovering from addictions. 

I take my classes to jails, recovery homes, halfway houses and detention centers, helping others find inner guidance and strength through yoga and with each other. I hold classes in studios - Y12SR classes (Yoga of 12 Step Recovery)- combining a recovery meeting with a yoga class.  

I have been involved with the Art of Yoga Project and the Niroga Institute - both organizations work with at risk youth. I am also a certified Yoga of Recovery (YoR) Counselor available for private consultations and group work. 

I recently began to change my focus toward spreading the power of “service” yoga. My sincere hope is that we are able to bring yoga to all treatment centers and offer it as an option in jails and institutions. Bringing the holistic healing powers of yoga to these venues would be a wonderful thing!

Helping Yoga Teachers Take Their Journey To A Deeper Level

Currently I focus on mentoring, advising and helping yoga teachers who wish to teach yoga to those going through recovery.

This can be an intensely challenging and richly rewarding path to take, but it does present particular complications that my experience gives me the opportunity to help resolve.

There are several ways that people can get this support.  For those who are perhaps new to yoga and recovery and would like to learn more, I have published information that can be of use.

For example, in April 2012 I was fortunate to release my first book "Yoga and the Twelve Step Path". Published by Central Recovery Press, this book takes the philosophy of yoga and the 12 step recovery program and blends them together.  Using my own experience I present how these two visions have changed my life.  You can read the reviews on Amazon here

However, for those yoga teachers who are further along this path and want a more structured method toward working with those in recovery, together with yoga master Kent Bond, we have developed a unique Certification Program called ‘SOAR’… Success Over Addiction and Relapse

This 4 day training program will give you the techniques, resources, confidence you need to move your yoga teaching into this new area.

Its intensely practical focus will teach you how to move onto the mat in a totally different and inspiring way to bring this healing methodology with your recovery principles to help relieve suffering where ever you teach.

If you would like to receive a detailed outline of the program, please put your email in the easy form below and I’ll get it over to you right away!


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